Black Dragon Viewer & 7  Released

NiranV has added a modified version of the Linden’s new Notifications Panel. If you read anything about the Third Party Dev’s (TPD) meeting this weekend you know the Lindens have a project viewer out with a Notifications feature change.

Look me into the ice...

Look me into the ice…

Normally TPD’s leave project viewer features out of their viewers until the Lab stops changing them, which is usually when the viewer goes to RC status. NiranV is usually experimenting with user interface (UI) and panel arrangements to avoid screen clutter. Adding the feature early gives users a chance to see how a new feature can work and see a UI that might be better.

This version has more RLVa fixes.

You may not know that in most viewers shadows are rendered according to how you have your draw distance set. NiranV has added more control by adding a slider control that gives you access to the shadow setting. Read more in NiranV’s blog. There is an image showing the effect of the control.

The new shadow control also affects Volumetric Light, God Rays.

The version 7 release adds the Linden Maintenance Viewer version updates. A large collection of fixes. (Release Notes)

There are some known bugs in 6 & 7. One is the ability to accept animation permission requests and group join requests.. After the request fades you can’t accept.  NiranV is aware of the problem and plans to wait for the Lindens to fix it. NiranV is playing with other stuff.


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