A bigger SANSAR Update

Zarrakan Productions put out a video of a meeting with Danger Linden, Drax, Safia W., and Troy Linden. Much of the discussion is about Sansar and what Linden Lab is doing. Below is the video and my summary of it.

As usual, I paraphrase. Listen/watch the video for better context and exact wording.

Content starts at Tme Mark (TM) 03:42. Introductions and how Danger and Troy came to Second Life and some of their work history.

Danger was Senior Product Manager for Sansar but is now 100% with SL. Troy is a Senior Producer, a product owner. I am still not clear on how much of his time is with Sansar or SL.

8:10 – Sansar started from almost scratch. 

8:50 Drax asks, how did your work day change when Sansar started? Danger starts, His preference is to focus on a single product and dig deeper. He feels it is hard to consider SL a single product as it is a huge project.

10:30 Drax asks, what are the numbers of people working on Sansar and SL? Danger says initially people were going back and forth.  When Oz Linden took over SL engineering he put together a team smaller than Sansar’s. But, he selected those that wanted to work on SL more than Sansar. Danger describes it as a very dedicated team.

I got that the SL team is considerably smaller than the Sansar team.

12:00 Drax asks if there is a process with new hires to familiarize with what SL is by being in-world?

Danger, yes. Internally it is called boot camp. It is a specific program that Shar (?) Linden takes new employees through.  Danger feels it is one of the best orientation programs he has seen.

Saffia asks, do the Sansar people get the same orientation training?

Danger says, no. Often what they are working on is so technically specific orientation is not needed. Think of it as things like optimizing the video card or tweaking for the Oculus Rift.

14:15 Drax relating about his invitation to talk to Lindens about what is SL and how it is used. Danger expands on what the Lab is doing in that learning area.

17:30 Drax asks how many women work at the Lab? Danger has no answer. He points out they have more than 2 genders.

18:40 Saffia asks about the Experience Tools Project. Troy answers they are close to releasing. Troy’s voice cuts out. He poofs but remains on Skype… which is no use to the video. So, we got nothing.

21:27 Saffia asks which project they have enjoyed the most. Connection problems have things all messed up.

23:30 Things get sorted and Danger starts to answer on his favorite projects. He enjoys how SL works together as a huge integrated system. When he initially came SL was treated as a bunch of small projects. Now it is treated as a single system.

25:00 Troy starts to answer. His favorite is/was the SL Share feature. Audio cut outs.

Drax talks about how he has used SL Share.

27:00 Saffia brings up real name issue with Facebook.

31:00 Drax asks about Experience Tools being used by so few users? Is it frustrating? Danger answers it is typical for all user generated content communities to have a very few highly capable users. So, Danger says they design for average and novice users and that is where their joy comes from. He coulda just said no… I’m teasing.

34:00 Danger says they try to seed examples of how to use new features.

35:50 Saffia, what do they think about the video project ‘What SL means to me…’ and will it be kept going? Danger says no.

More Drax crashes…

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  2. <>
    would be *very nice* for the user to to have real-time access to a mesh’s skeleton rig, which would allow real-time hand, body & facial animation.

    • I doubt we will have ‘real time’ access. I expect it will be very much like it is now and was in Cloud Party. I expect all the animation controls and features to be available.

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