Second Life 2015 in Review: June 2015

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12.06.15 - Summer Fun

12.06.15 – Summer Fun

Second Life in Review: June 2015

This month we got a lot of information about Project Sansar. Several interviews were given and recorded to video. Links near the end. 


  • SL Main/Default Viewer  3.7.29-301305
  • RC Second Life Big Bird Viewer version,
  • RC Second Life Experience Viewer version,
  • RC Maintenance Viewer version
  • Project Importer Viewer version
  • Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version,
  • Project Oculus Rift Viewer version
  • Legacy Viewer

This month the Lindens are expecting to have a viewer with CEF out ‘real soon’ now. They did release a Legacy Viewer for those running obsolete operating systems this month.

While most viewer developers are building 32-bit versions of their viewers support for 32-bit operating systems is decreasing. The 64-bit operating systems perform way better than 32-bit versions.

Problems with large group membership lists surfaces. Also, the server side of a Ban from Group feature is completed and the Lab asks users to develop a UI for the viewer side.

This month saw the Lindens also working on researching and fixing Calling Card bugs. Part of the fix should help avoid duplicate Calling Cards.

Firestorm takes heat for their default LoD setting: Second Life LoD Problems – Is Firestorm to Blame,  Second Life: Firestorm a Designer’s Problem?

Word comes that the Project Sansar viewer will be proprietary, not open source.

About mid-month the Lab announced the end of the L$ Reseller Program.

This month the Lab asked that users make videos about the meaning of Second Life… or what SL means to you, the videographer.

Transferring of products to the new Viewer Managed Marketplace is leaked in a letter by Dakota Linden.

The Windows 10 release date is announced.

The discussion of SL Sex devolves.

Second life makes it into the news again; Second Life in the news Week 23,

Linden Homes have been rebuilt to be less laggy.

June is the month we celebrate Second Life’s birthday. (6/11)

The Lab announced changes to the SL Damage System.

We got an update on Project Sansar. Current versions this month were running at 75fps. The target is 90fps. Testers will be invited in sometime in July. Additional tests will be invited in mid 2016. A SL12B interview with Danger Linden and others gave us more information: A bigger SANSAR Update.

Pete and Xiola Linden talked to Canary Beck about hoe SL is being marketed: Pete and Xiola Linden Interview.

Oz Linden Talks Second Life At SL12B.

SL12B Ebbe Altberg Interview – Sansar.





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