A bigger SANSAR Update

37:50 Danger, for Sansar they will support more devices. That is not going to be possible with SL. SL is never going to be able to get the frame rates needed for Oculus.

39:50 more audio problems.


oasis by Luna Jubilee / !bang poses, on Flickr

40:10 Drax asks about upcoming VW wars and how Linden Lab stacks up? Danger answers that the Lab is well experienced in user created content. Plus there is the experience of handling real world money exchange. He thinks the Lab is the most experienced VW manager.

Danger says each announcement of a new VW just tells him they are working in an interesting field.

44:00 Saffia asks if Experience Tools will be region or parcel oriented? There is a long explanation. But, for now region by region. Mainland regions are going to be included in some way.

46:30 Audience why wearing flip-flops? :/   ……

47:30 Saffia will there be mesh bodies in Sansar? Yes… mesh, mesh and more mesh.

Voxels? The train system will be Voxels and there is a possibility of voxel things.

48:20 Lowering the entry barrier. Unregistered guests will be able to come in and do some things. More on this later.

49:20 Where will SL be in 5 to 10 years? Danger expects SL to have a long life. He expects a significant number of SL people to stay.

50:40 Saffia asks about Sansar animations? Danger says it will be a full professional animation system. It will be the Havok animation system with Linden stuff added.

51:35 Saffia asks will people own estates and rent out land? Danger says yes. But with a lower entry bar, it will look different than it does in SL.

52:25 Beta keys for all SL users? Danger says Sansar will be a gradual release. Initially only a hand full of high quality designers will be invited. The Maya pipeline will be worked out and made very strong before moving on to importing from other design tools.

54:00 Drax asks will there by an easy in-world build tool? Danger says yes and that there will be collaborative building. Train building will be fun.

56:00 Will there be a mainland in Sansar? Danger doesn’t have an answer. But, any mainland will be different than what we have in SL.

57:00 Will we be able to teleport from SL to Sansar without a relog? Danger hasn’t heard of that being planned. – Me: Since Sansar will have a different viewer, I think the Hypergrid like TP is not going to be possible. We will have to run a different viewer for SL and Sansar.

57:40 Safia asks if we will have first and last names? Danger says the name format has not been settled.

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  2. <>
    would be *very nice* for the user to to have real-time access to a mesh’s skeleton rig, which would allow real-time hand, body & facial animation.

    • I doubt we will have ‘real time’ access. I expect it will be very much like it is now and was in Cloud Party. I expect all the animation controls and features to be available.

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