A bigger SANSAR Update

Danger explains there will be a user account that will allow several avatars with different names. The user account will be confidential between the Lab and user.

59:00 Will mesh be static? In Sansar mesh will be scriptable. But on the fly modifying of mesh… not sure.

IKON Odyssey Eyes - Sky

IKON Odyssey Eyes – Sky by Good times of Umi :)))))), on Flickr

1:00:00 Drax will new users get overwhelmed? Danger says it is a challenge and a BIG goal of the project to make creation in Sansar easier.

1:01:00 Safia/audience asks, with a master account holding a number of avatars, will it be possible to share inventory among those avatars? Danger says that is the idea.

1:02:00 Will there be text chat? Yes, and voice.

1:03:00 Will there be a Sansar Linux viewer? The answer is based on what they are seeing in SL, which is there simply isn’t enough interest. Looks doubtful.

1:03:45 Will there be 3rd party viewers? No, but there will be third party add-ins to allow modifying the viewer.

1:04:15 Will Sansar be as anonymous as SL? Danger says users will have more control based on giving more information. The identification information is between the user and the Lab. The idea is that as you look less and less like a griefer, to the Lab, the more you’ll be able to do in Sansar.

1:05:00 Saffia was trying to ask about textures causing rubber-banding. That went offline.

Troy commented that they are triaging SL JIRA bug reports once or twice a week.

1:08:00 Danger says the handful of alpha creators being considered for invitation are being talked to now.


This is a lot of new information and answers a number of big questions I’ve had and hints at more answers.

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  2. <>
    would be *very nice* for the user to to have real-time access to a mesh’s skeleton rig, which would allow real-time hand, body & facial animation.

    • I doubt we will have ‘real time’ access. I expect it will be very much like it is now and was in Cloud Party. I expect all the animation controls and features to be available.

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