Second Life’s VWBPE Starts

Seems we are hosting an in-world meeting for educators. The Lab published the information today about 10AM. See: Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Starts March 18th with Keynote from Ebbe Linden. So, that starts off tomorrow. News leaked of this event in several places and it has been covered in the SL blogosphere.

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It will be interesting to see what Ebbe has to say. 

For those interested in hunts, there is a conference related hunt:  VWBPE Gateway Coffee Shop/Patio. Don’t expect to get a head start. The region isn’t open yet. …or they blew the link. You can, however, find a big 9 region area devoted to VWBPE. I am pretty much underwhelmed by the builds in the area.

I’ll stay away until late. I am mostly interested in how the regions perform for a Linden event. Of course I do want to hear what Ebbe has to say. But, unless he is leaking bits about SL2, I would rather hear Oz Linden ramble about what is coming in SL1.

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  1. VWBPE is an annual event now in it 8th year.

    It is a “joint” event held in both SL and OpenSim (this year AvaCon grid is hosting the OpenSim side of things; in previous years it has been OS Grid.

    Around 3,000 attendees were at the 2014, which saw Philip Rosedale headline as the opening keynote and Ebbe Altberg take on a 90-minute direct Q&A with users (I have a full transcript on my blog).

    Details of this year’s VWBPE are here:

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