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Inara has an article up describing a new feature in the Black Dragon Viewer. See: Volumetric lighting: soon for SL? (Inara has a video of the feature)

Pretty gross beasts

Dragon by Benjamin Hollis, on Flickr

Inara is speculating on whether this feature will make it into the SL Viewer. Her’s is educated speculation. She and Niran, the developer of Black Dragon, think it will make it into the SL Viewer. 

Inara acknowledges there are a lot of twists and turns that can decide whether this feature does or doesn’t make in. I agree. I’m not taking bets either way.

Volumetric lighting: It allows the on looker to see beams of light shining through the environment; seeing sunbeams streaming through an open window is an example of volumetric lighting, also known as crepuscular rays.

What would the feature mean for Second Life?

This is a feature that goes beyond just pretty.

I think  one of the best uses for the feature would be in night clubs. How many times have you been in a club where they used translucent prims to portray light beams?

I mouse steer my avatar. So, these fake light rays are particularly annoying. But, if you’re trying to perv-cam someone you’ll have the same problems. They interfere with mouse selection. With volumetric-lighting, that would be a problem of the past.

Black Dragon Viewer Info/download: SL Wiki, Bitbucket Home, blog, download

Current version:

4 thoughts on “Black Dragon Viewer

  1. ” She and Niran, the developer of Black Dragon, think it will make it into the SL Viewer. ”

    Well, I think it fairer to say, as noted in my article, that Niran is quietly confident LL will adopt the work – although (and again in fairness) he’s also noted that they may wish to make further changes of their own which may alter / mitigate some of the work. I draw no conclusions either way, vis official adoption, and am waiting to see which way things go, hence my comment on contribution not automatically equalling adoption. 🙂

  2. It certainly goes beyond pretty. I made this one on Blackdragon some moths ago, raw from SL, not edited:

  3. So… what’s about the drooling komodo? Is it some kind of phun because of the name “Black Dragon” and Dragons basically being flying lizards or because that Komodo is also known as “Dragon / Komododragon” and its black?

    This must be some kind of phun… right? Right? I know it must be a phun.

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