Second Life Viewer Details 2015-05


Last week a new maintenance viewer became available in Alternate Second Life Viewers – Download: Maintenance Viewer version According to the Release Notes there are over a dozen fixes: (Note MAINT JIRA items can only be accessed by Lindens. So, I omitted the links.) 

  • MAINT-1885 Avatar’s sitting position becomes corrupted if press Shift+Alt+S keyboard shortcut while editing appearance
  • MAINT-2056 Lots of CURL GET FAILED spam in logs when browsing World Map – Beta viewer only
  • *MAINT-2560 Please show avatar names above camera crosshairs in Show Look At feature*
  • MAINT-2565 Feature Request: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T shows up as notice toasts
  • MAINT-3562 Viewer crashes when updating local textures using Substance Designer
  • MAINT-3666 Using the Control key to switch out of viewer focus then returning, Control will be stuck in the On position.
  • MAINT-3788 [Profile Notes] CTRL+cursor (e.g. CTRL+LEFT ARROW) doesn’t work in the profile notes editor.
  • MAINT-3853 Add llTeleportAgent Notification to the Notification List so it can be set to ‘never show’
  • MAINT-3941 Left-clicking on the “Avatar position” label doesn’t toggle the display of the radio button
  • MAINT-3959 Prim size reverting to default size when scaled down and shift copied
  • MAINT-4119 Uniquely decorate links on Second Life or Linden Lab domains
  • MAINT-4170 Eliminate homoglyphs in URL hostnames
  • MAINT-4329 LLImageRaw::scale() scales each image *twice* for no apparent reason
  • MAINT-4341 Pixel width and height of the preview is not matched to value of Width or Height text-box in the “Snapshot to inventory” window
  • MAINT-4345 NUI: User names are not retained when switching grids
  • MAINT-4386 German language – Text in statistics is cut off by the scrollbar in the statistics floater
  • MAINT-4398 Moving view away from selected prims causes some to deselect themselves since viewer-interesting
  • MAINT-4415 Speak button does not become enabled after enabling voice on parcel, if voice was disabled upon parcel entry
  • MAINT-4433 Scale manipulator snaps to mouse
  • MAINT-4434 Mainland land deeding amounts bugged
  • MAINT-4437 Spillover Branch shows when it should not
  • MAINT-4440 Bad colors for spillover menu in viewer-lion
  • MAINT-4448 Avatar often stops animating when being animated by an intan solo dance ball on Interesting based viewers only.
  • MAINT-4455 stats – “UDP Data” should not show any comma (patch attached)
  • MAINT-4458 Empty space under “I want to access content rated:” in Preferences -> General at first start
  • MAINT-4464 Viewer displays L$ balance of ‘L$20’ when L$ service is unavailable
  • MAINT-4473 Issue with conversation log and transcripts file location path being reset to default path.
  • MAINT-4481 [viewer-lion] Linux build fails due array-bounds issue in llmanipscale.cpp
  • MAINT-4482 [viewer-lion] Mac build fails due to weirdo LLTextBase::normalizeUri() issue
  • MAINT-4497 “Use built-in browser for Second Life links only” matches things it should not
  • MAINT-4501 Viewer spams error message if it can’t find an audio device
  • MAINT-4545 simplebot.dae rigged mesh no longer uploads in 3.7.16
  • MAINT-4548 viewer-lion build failures related to llurlentry tests
  • MAINT-4557 Viewer builds fail on url-entry integration test since recent changes to url-entry.

* MAINT-2560 –  This feature was backed out due to problems. When I looked at the wiki it was still part of the release notes.

These are all small problem fixes that many of us haven’t noticed. Still, they are a substantive amount of work, which shows the Lab’s people are hard at work.

Also, some fixes are to code that tripped up the new build tools (those used to build the viewer). For those that want to compile their own viewers, this is a thing.

The  Experience Viewer version has moved to RC status. This suggests we are getting close to a formal release of Experience Tools. But, there is no way to quantify close.

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