The Ebola Wars

The New Yorker has an article titled The Ebloa Wars. If you are trying to get perspective on the current epidemic this is a good read.

This article is change from the horrid information about Ebola we are getting from the government and most of the news media. From the US President we are getting a steady stream of lies. His first; no one with Ebola will make it to the US. Oops! He tells us airport screening in the US will stop infected people. Oops! But, he also says we’ll have a few people with Ebola arrive in New York and make it through screening. O.O 

We were also told our American medical facilities and health workers know how to handle Ebola. Yet, we have unions and associations of nurses telling us that is not so.

The President has told us our medical professionals know how to handle a Biohazard 4 patient and everything is in place. But, our healthcare people have made mistakes. Experience counts for a lot. Our health system in this area is not made up of ‘combat experienced’ veterans as we are told to believe. Unions and associations of medical workers and nurses tell they do not have the training or supplies needed for even small outbreaks.

In the US we are VERY unlikely to have an epidemic of Ebola. But, we are very likely to have small outbreaks. The New York case of Dr. Craig Spencer now at Bellevue and the NBC camera man and news crew breaking quarantine show we cannot trust people to be smart or trustworthy.

The New Yorker’s article is a story of heroes and political fears creating poor decisions in the War on Ebola.

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