2014 COULD be the Hottest Year on Record

I suspect most of us have heard the statement. I wonder how many actually caught the world ‘could‘? Well, 2014 could be the coldest year. Neither are likely. But, how will we know which? How about looking at the satellite measurement records?

Satellite Data Plot

Satellite Data Plot – 2014 Incomplete – so it could be…

Graph source is from Roy Spencer, Ph.D. He collected data from the source data kept by the two leading groups of researchers; the UAH group, and the Remote Sensing Systems [RSS] group. For details see his write up: Why 2014 Won’t Be.

4 thoughts on “2014 COULD be the Hottest Year on Record

  1. This is Roy “the theory of creation actually [has] a much better scientific basis than the theory of evolution” Spencer?

    • Well, science can’t account for what caused the big bang… but…

      Also, the Darwin/Anaximander theories of species evolving from other species or a single common source isn’t proven, to many people’s surprise. Find me just one example of a bird or whatever evolving into a cat or whatever. We have lots of examples of adaption, which is well proven and less educated people mistake adaption as proving Darwin’s theory. But, there are no known changes of species. So, at best we have two theories.

      The top 8 examples given as examples of evolution, like the Peppered Moth and Darwin’s finches show only adaption. They start as a moth and end up as a slightly different moth and the birds only end up as birds with slightly different beaks. Technically it is evolving of a type, but it is not the type of evolution Darwin proposed in his theory and that I suspect you think is proven.

      I also notice you attack the man not the merit of his argument. That is usually the tactic of one that has no counter argument on the merits of the subject. Does it really matter who posts the charted data? Is the data wrong? Miss charted?

      Just to give you another source on 2014 temperature: http://www.skepticalscience.com/satellite-measurements-warming-troposphere.htm

  2. If you’re yourself doubtful of the evolution of species, then I see little point in trying to convince you; if the combined opinions of very nearly the entire scientific community can’t do it, then I’m not even going to try.

    However, you say that I \attack the man not the merit of his argument\, which is plainly untrue and unfair. What I am pointing out is that his scientific credentials are clearly dubious and founded on religious beliefs – if he can’t get the basic facts about evolution right, how can we trust his judgement on climate (or any other) science? But since you yourself are apparently in that camp, presumably this is not significant to you.

    To ask for an \example of a bird or whatever evolving into a cat or whatever\ betrays a fundamental lack of understanding of either the nature of evolution (birds never evolved into cats, nor will they) or of the available, overwhelming, evidence. All I can do is suggest that you begin to read the wealth of (non-religiously-motivated) information on evolution out there, but I strongly suspect that this is not going to happen.

    • I love it when someone can’t defend their beliefs. You can’t provide EVEN ONE EXAMPLE to substantiate what you believe.

      You didn’t even get the facts of my post right or accurately describe yours. You ask a question that clearly questions the beliefs of the one making the graph to justify questioning the graph.

      The idea that it takes ‘judgment’ to plot data… how silly. If the chart is wrong, show that by pointing to or correctly plotting the data. Anyone can put the data in Excel and chart it. Only copy/paste skills are needed. You didn’t bother, as doing so would prove my point, 2014 is HIGHLY unlikely to be either the hottest or coldest on record. (Reference: Steve G, WGN Chicago Weather (2008), and Washington Post (2014))

      You’re left implying my mind is closed thus you can’t convince me of facts, which you can’t prove, when it seems you have the closed, uneducated mind issue.

      Your last paragraph shows you lack an understanding of what is being discussed. Evolution and adaption are not the same things. Darwin and Anaximander (2,500± years before Darwin) both theorized that all life evolved from a single source. Darwin added a method to the theory by which evolution could work, natural selection. I don’t question natural selection, but that is not proof of evolution just adaption.

      Darwin’s theory means at some point in the fossil record we should see species differing and changing. According to the theory life started as a single cell, or even several different ones, and evolved first as aquatic life and then crawled out on land and eventually we have all the species we have now. That part of the theory requires we have species evolving from one to another. You missed the irony of my hyping the issue by use of bird to cat. So, at some point something evolved into a bird. Show me from your pool of ‘overwhelming evidence’, even one such trail of evolution… you can’t.

      You have no evidence just blind belief in your religion. If you had proof, you would have provided it. You HAVE TO take the ‘if you doubt – don’t believe my way, you can’t be convinced’ excuse to avoid examining your unsupported beliefs. If I were wrong and you could correct me, you would have. Instead you attack me as lacking knowledge or understanding. That is a classic case of your lack of understanding and knowledge being projected on me. Wake up.

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