Second Life News 2014-25

Not much new news came from Thursday’s Beta Server UG.

Fashion for Life 2014

Fashion for Life 2014


As we knew the Group Ban feature has spread grid wide on the server side. This means when you ban someone from your group, they are effectively banned. There are currently no known ways around the ban.

We need a Group Ban Project Viewer to ban people. Currently there are some problems with the project viewer. Whirly Fizzle has been testing it and filing JIRA bug reports. Those are being looked at. Serious bugs will be fixed before the viewer advances. Minor bugs will likely be fixed post-release, but may before. It depends on time and the complexity of the fixes. 

Also the Sunshine-AISv3 changes are running on Blue Steel regions. The all current SL Viewers will take advantage of the changes when you are in a Blue Steel region.

The Experiences Tools were tested this week according to Ebbe Linden. They are running on Magnum, but there is nothing to see. The changes are to the system’s internal infrastructure.

Maestro Linden told us that he hopes the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) additions for changing Materials attributes will make it into RC by next week. If a bug is found that could delay that process.

Related to materials… when you are changing materials repeats, offsets, etc. the viewer transmits the value as an integer. The value as seen in the panel, usually in the format 1.000, is multiplied by 10,000 then sent. This means you can specify values like; 1.0001 or 1.0002 … etc, but not 1.00015.

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