Adobe CC 2014 Released

Today Adobe released an update of their Creative Suite of graphics tools. I never expected to see a large update like this since the start of creative cloud and subscriptions. But, I was wrong there is a new one out.

If you have a product subscription and your Creative Cloud app is not showing the various CC packages with ‘(2014)’ appended, you need to log out of the CC app. The log out is in Preferences_>Account (tab). When you log back in, the new apps will appear.

My downloads this morning were very slow. In addition my computer was slow while the process was ongoing. So, you may want to wait to start your update until late this evening. 

Cnet has a review and some details about the package: Adobe Creative Cloud 2014: It’s all about apps and API’s. The Adobe blog has an announcement here: #CreativeCloud – New Updates and more to Photoshop CC 2014 release (date:6/18/2014).

Lightroom makes it into the iPhone in this release. Adobe targets iPad, iPhone, and then Android, in that order (per Adobe staff in the Adobe Forums).

In Photoshop there is a new ‘Focus Mask’. This selects all the parts of an image that are in focus. For those that take advantage of Depth of Field techniques in their photography, this will be a big deal.

Photoshop’s Type Kit has been improved.

Mostly useless to me are better touch controls. I’ve thought about getting a 24” 120hz touch screen… I just have to find the money.

All the main applications in the package have big changes.

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