Second Life News 2014-23 #2

ADITI Grid Fixed?

For weeks… well months… we have had problems with the Preview/Beta Grid (ADITI). Logins and inventory updates were not happening. A password change would show up everywhere in the SL except the Preview grid. Which mean all of a sudden people could not login, unless they tried their old password.

Also, inventory updates were not happening. In the recent couple of weeks fixes were made. The Lindens did get the password problem resolved. But, the Lindens tell us an unrelated prevented the inventory updates from happening.

Those are now thought to be fixed. I plan to give it a few days before changing my password and trying for an update.

LSL Materials

The new scripting functions for programming materials is progressing. Thursday we were told they are functionally complete. I missed the meeting due to RL conflicts and a summer cold (ugh).

There is some discussion about how to throttle the functions so they cannot be used for griefing the system.

Roll Outs

There was more information on what happened Wednesday during the RC rollouts that necessitated a re-roll. It seems an older library was used to compile the server code. There were known security holes in the older version. When the Lindens checked they found that the older code had also been used in the version running in the main channel.

The Linden fix was to re-compile the server code for the main channel using the new library and roll that version to all the main grid channels. That was apparently what the afternoon roll was about.

Next the ADITI grid was rolled with the same change shutting down access to that grid. I suspect it shut down because the update would have been complex. Numerous versions of the server code run  in ADITI for QA and other testing purposes. So, I doubt it was a simple one-size-fit-all roll out.

The AGNI (main grid) rollout also overwrote the RC channel versions. So, none of the RC channels are running their intended packages. That will get corrected in week 24.

This puts the server update schedule behind. The Lindens will be working to catch up and move the schedule ahead.


Today, Friday, I got a new SL Viewer auto-update: Second Life 3.7.9 (290582) Jun  2. The main download page is still showing 3.7.8 as the main stable release.

3.7.9 is the Memshine RC Viewer. This  is the one with both the Sunshine SSA inventory updates for avatar bake issues and the memory leak fixes. I can now say that it does nothing for the performance of the viewer in crowds. In well performing regions with 40 people I still get single digit FPS rates.

I do get to see some strange things as mesh clothes with various LOD levels download… I’ll try to get a picture. It caught me by surprise today with this new viewer.

RC Viewers

No changes since earlier this week.

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