Second Life News 2014-13

I have RL things distracting me… work.

Image by Crap Mariner, Flickr

Image by Crap Mariner, Flickr


There is no roll out to the main channel. 

RC Channels

Blue Steel and Le Tigre will continue to run the same package, the inventory updates.

Magnum will roll this week and get a new maintenance package. It has some bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare case in which certain users were unable to log in (BUG-5130)
  • Fix for a case in which multiple scripts in the same prim calling llTakeControls() with heterogeneous ‘accept’ and ‘pass_on’ parameters would not receive a control() event correctly in some cases (BUG-5281)
  • Updated LSL syntax file to use a new schema (fixes STORM-2000)
    • This change is for a viewer in testing; see STORM-1831 for more information
    • Fixed a crash mode


No changes here since last week. I expect the main viewer to get an update this week, but maybe not. However, release candidates are stacking up, so I think it very likely.


Things seem quite. May be all the Lindens are at Skin Fair, naw. The blogosphere for SL is talking about the Oculus, places to visit, and fashion. At least the SL porn industry is busy…

I am seeing some absolutely beautiful places in SL.

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