Drax Radio Show #3

I just got around to listening to the show. I am writing this as I listen. I love that it is a fast paced show. But, that makes it hard for me to get all the details in.

The main  interview with Esteban Winsmore is annoying… well, it is Esteban that is annoying. Drax asks the pertinent questions, which a good interviewer does. It is obvious Esteban is just having fun with it.

There are some interesting discussions on Oculus Rift and augmented reality.


02:00 – Net Neutrality – Drax provides a link to an audio by Brooke Gladstone at On The Media, an NPR property. See: Net Neutrality and You. They are pointing out how Google controls our Internet experience now. I doubt many realize what Google is doing or how it limits information. Drax points out how Americans are not fighting for Net Neutrality, which is both a good and bad thing. 

It seems most people have lost sight of the other side of the Net Neutrality Internet coin. Net Neutrality is generally pushed by main stream media as a completely good thing for citizens. But, that is not the case. Read Jazz Shaw’s post Net Neutrality: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it (2011).

When one realizes the nebulous writing of the proposed laws and regulations means mass chaos and lots of legal fees with little or no protection for the real issue, free speech, then it is apparent the actual implementation of Net Neutrality is not the wonderful thing it is promoted as being. Creating a mess/chaos is the basic tactic outlined in Rules for Radicals to move people to allow government takeover of an industry or removal of targeted freedoms.

A deeper look is here: Departing commissioner says net neutrality was FCC’s biggest recent failure. (2013)

Few people are considering how the Internet is paid for and the motivations for improving it. Certainly little consideration is given to the freedom of all involved parties. In general personal freedom beyond lip service to free speech is not a consideration in the Net Neutrality debate as it is presented. There is an agenda at play in the use of the term Net Neutrality that can be seen in how it is being implemented by ITU as a first step in their agenda:

Free Speech: The U.N. plans to control the tool that tyrants fear most — technology that promotes free speech and intellectual freedom — by imposing a global tax in the name of fairness. Think of net neutrality on steroids.

Elections have consequences, and one consequence of President Obama’s re-election may be U.S. acquiescence to the administrative control of the Internet to the United Nations and journalist-jailing and Web-censoring regimes from Iran to Venezuela, complete with a global tax on its use.

The U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is holding the World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai from Dec. 3 to 14. U.N. member states, largely composed of Third World despots, will be meeting to update the ITU treaty arrangements for international communications.

The ITU last drafted a treaty on communications in 1988, before the dawn of the Internet as we know it, and many of the world’s thugs seek to restrict its freedoms by imposing on it a global tax. The Internet was then primarily a university network, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was a mere 4 years old.

Today, the self-regulating Internet means no one has to ask for permission to launch a website, and no government can tell network operators how to do their jobs. The Internet freely crosses international boundaries, making it difficult for governments to censor or to tax.

Regimes such as Russia and Iran also want an ITU rule letting them monitor Internet traffic routed through or to their countries, allowing them to eavesdrop or block access.

Since at least 2004, the ITU has tried repeatedly to wrest power from ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the multi-stakeholder body created in 1998 to oversee domain names and addresses.

The real fight is not for Net Neutrality, but for free speech. Net Neutrality is another term being usurped by those opposing free speech to hide an agenda. This makes our job, as citizens, of deciding who and what to support much more complicated. Remember SOPA? The good and bad. A list of counterpoint arguments you won’t normally see. Be fully informed.

03:00 – About coming out of the virtual world closet.  Jo Yardley relates her experience. One other, Eshi Otawara, shares her experience. Give Drax and Jo a Skype call to share your experience. Contact info for Skype is in on the blog.

04:00 – The Drax Show is a call in show… not a live on air type call in like talk radio. But, you can call any day. I suspect a call between Monday and Wednesday is more likely  to make it into the next show than a call they receive after Wednesday, but I’m guessing. I suspect if it is really interesting, a call right up to the timeline cutoff might make it in.

5:45 – Augmented and Virtual Reality – See the video at the top for an example of augmented reality. This video shows a rudimentary way to build about 9 minutes in. About 10 minutes into the video they do a virtual world scene. You can get more information at the web site. Jo explains what is happening in the video.

10:30 – EEG Headsets – These are used  to capture brain waves to control things. The best example of these and what they evolve into can be seen in the SiFi series Caprica, available on NetFlix and other similar services.

13:40 – Monty Linden – Leading the HTTP Project. At 14:00 Monty explains the project at 4th grade levels. I’ve been covering the project for months. List of HTTP Project articles.

20:00 – Loki Virtual Reality Clips – This is a video Loki put together. It goes back 20 years. Loki has it up on Vimeo: The LOST Virtual World. 37± minutes. It is very worth the time to watch.

I’m bummed Loki left out Caprica.

25:10 – Google Glass User Busted – A man wearing Google Glasses was arrested in a theater because they thought he was recording the movie. Drax makes the comment that we now have to surrender our guns and Google Glasses before entering a theater. I wonder if he made the connection to both as a loss of personal freedom.

27:00 – The newspaper The Guardian has an article on virtual reality. Drax links to: Oculus Rift: Valve promises to take virtual reality to the masses.

28:50 – Esteban Winsmore – Main feature of the show. – Basically an SL pest. But, he is funny. His YouTube videos of ‘home invasions’ are very highly rated. This section of the show is basically an interview. Many see Esteban as a griefer. If you like Estaban, this is a fun  interview. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

49:10 – End interview – Jo talking about Esteban and correctly identified him as a trespasser. The reaction of people against Esteban’s home invasions tends to be violent. Discussion about Esteban and reactions to him continues to about 56:00

56:00 – closing, Joi Price a sponsor speaks about her line of jewelry and the need for more positive coverage of SL. Interesting for an advertising piece… or any just interesting.

End = 1:00:00.

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