The Big Chill (RL)

In Southern California winter we are wearing T-shirts, shorts or mini-skirts and working on our tan. Really. In Florida, even farther south than San Diego (500 miles/800km north of Miami latitude-wise), they are buying parkas. In Australia they are setting record high temperatures and in the Antarctic mid-summer; ice-breakers are getting stuck in 10+ ft (3m) of ice . It seems the climate is changing. Well, surprise, surprize. That is what AGW skeptics have been saying for decades.

Jet Stream Map - by: Intellicast

Jet Stream Map – by: Intellicast

When we look at what is causing the US West Coast a warm winter and the East Coast an exceptionally cold one, we see the Jet Stream has moved. My parents tell me they used to call such changes in the Jet Stream the Polar Express and something that happened most winters when they were kids. When I hear the term Polar Express I tend to think of the Tom Hanks’ movie of 2004. The previous generation tends to think the movie took its name from this weather phenomenon. At least my parents make that association.

A good description of what is happening is here: ‘Big chill’ expected to stay until 2040. A good description of what the Jet Stream can do to weather is here: The Jet Stream. (Same as Jet Stream link above) Also, check out Pluvial Lakes.

The Intellicast web site has great weather maps.

Interactive Weather Map @ Intellicast

Interactive Weather Map @ Intellicast

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