Drax Radio Show #2

The podcast was out early this morning. I wasn’t. This morning I have been playing with my new blog theme, which breaks my Dreamweaver. So, the podcast is a nice break from sorting out database changes and the WordPress foibles of setting up a local copy of a live site.

As always, what I write about the podcast is my take on things. So, listen to the podcast before flaming. You can listen to it or download it (nice addition to Drax’s blog) here: Drax Show #2 Osprey Therian. Drax links to a CNN article on Osprey. I think it would be nice if Osprey’s friends posted some comments on the December 2013 article.

I am not making any pretense of transcribing the audio. My comments are just that comments on what is said in the show. I’ll be clear when I make a quote. 


0:00 – 1:30 – Intro by Strawberry Singh, introduction of speakers and podcast intro.

1:30 – Maryann McCan (sp?) on Osprey.

2:30 – Drax Show is not the BBC. Drax brings it up because a comment posted on New World Notes says the Drax Show needs more investigative reporting. Drax and Jo agree. The comment spins from the old RedZone controversy in Second Life™ in early 2011. (Second Life Privacy) Masami, the comment poster, is pointing out how SL shows how large data collations of personal information are misused, often inadvertently.

Drax’s point made is that Jo and he are commentators not investigative reporters. He emphasizes that this distinction is very important. Jo and he both welcome people to provide additional information. Give them a Skype call, and tell them what you know.

4:30 – Along the same thoughts of NSA spying and privacy Andrea (an unnamed Linden Employee) posted a recount of a meeting within the Lab: reference to Pastbin anonymous post. This is a short bit about the removal of OTR private chat (encrypted chat). This was a feature in some third party viewers. As far as I know none of the TPV’s have the feature now. There are a few apps that add it to smart phones or Skype.

5:00 – Jo responds. Jo thinks the NSA definitely did investigate Second Life. She doubts they have a team devoted to listening to what we are saying in SL. I agree, but I will point out:

Shortly after the Boston Bombing information came out that has since started to disappear from the search engines. Just try and find the CNN story by Erin Burnett on CNN’s Outfront about the phone call between the Boston Bomber and his mother. In a May 1st show a former FBI Counter Terrorism agent states everything electronic is being gathered by the government. (Clip 1 and Clip 2) In days following the content of that phone call was revealed. It had, in fact, been recorded.

While I am certain the NSA and other agencies do NOT have a team of listeners, they do have computers recording everything. The data center in Utah will allow more recording and analysis of what is recorded.

5:30 – Drax plugs the book the Shock Doctrine. (Be sure you read the section titled ‘Criticism’.) I’ll plug Matt Leppala’s Protect Your Privacy. Something Matt points out: “Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.” So, you can keep your policy if you like it…

6:00 – Net Neutrality, recent court decision the Internet is not a public utility. On principal this is good. But, it is seen as a situational disaster by many.

7:10 – High Fidelity is open for Alpha testing. Is this Second Life 2.0? 7:40 excerpt from Philip Rosedale speech. 9:00 Philip comments on breaking worlds into parts, using idle computers to build a web of computing for a virtual world to remove lag. 10:00 – Needed ease of transporting you from SL to HD. 11:00 excerpt from Judy Tyrer, former Linden, on Ever, Jane.

12:50 – Soft Kinetic Oculus Rift + Creative Depth Camera Demo – Video above. This is the type of interface I think we will need for building in Second Life. Jo suggests locking all the VR whiz-kids in a room until the develop the unified tool we need to use VR. Comments on people trying to re-design the wheel of things we have done in SL for a decade.

Like the music in that one. If you are interested over on the Road to VR they have the 3D Print file to print your own camera mount for the Oculus. 15:00 Jo talks about the Dresden Gallery that was in SL compared to the one in the video at the top of this post. SL’s was way better, according to Jo.

16:00 – Drax starts on the main topic of Osprey. He first talks about the history-mythology of SL and Magellan Linden, who disappeared in 2006.

This is an interesting conversation. I can’t really paraphrase it. Suffice for me to say it is interesting look at SL and Osprey. As the discussion progress it wonders off Osprey to be more about SL. But, at the end it comes back.

47:00 – Deep relationships Second Life. I suppose the movie HER starts to portray how relationships can develop, even with an AI. 48:15 They go into what to do with your SL stuff and avatar if something happens to you.

49:00 – Closing comments. Call with Skype to comment on how your spouse views SL. Or comment on how you explain SL to someone you start dating. Do you come out of the closet?

51:15 – Jo on Vintage Village.

Next show: Griefing.

There is a plan for how people can support the Drax Show. Give them a call on getting your products or services mentioned.

53:00 – Old timers then musical closing. Both are interesting.

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