Second Life LSL Changes

The Linden Scripting Language has gotten some new functions:

These are the last features Andrew Linden added before leaving. The features are active in all three RC channels now.

The point of these functions is the allow the uniform scaling of link sets. You can scale every item in a link set with one command. I imagine this will reduce the script complexity for a number of things in SL. 


You may remember the SL servers were being changed to allow the viewer to automatically update the LSL Editor’s syntax highlighting files from the servers. Simon Linden tells us that while this feature is rolling out to the RC channel, the SL Viewer cannot yet take advantage of the update. The SL Viewer has to be updated to use the new syntax file format.

So, the current version on the RC channels is buster per Oz Linden, today (1/8). Since no viewer currently released uses the feature, it won’t stop the RC from advancing to the main grid.

Ima Mechanique says the viewer is already updated. So, I am a bit confused as to the actual state of this upgrade. I suspect Simon is closer to correct as he was working on a bug fix prior to the holidays to prevent a viewer crash when the XML syntax file is mal-formed.

Ima says the syntax file is about 600k and is only downloaded if the LSL Editor is opened and the viewer does not have the same version as the current region server you are using. The file is cached by the viewer. Ima says even if you have the Editor open and change regions, the syntax file will update and change.

Whatever the exact state of this upgrade Simon recommends trying a new viewer and experimenting. Report problems and bugs.

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