Second Life News 3013-40

There was no roll out to the main channel this morning. All the RC channels were running the same version as the main channel.

RC Channels

There is a new maintenance package that will roll to the RC channels Wednesday. All three get the same package.

Server Scripting 2013-40

Server Scripting 2013-40

The package has a fix for a problem with group notice delivery to large groups. I’m not sure which delivery problem this is. Just delivery is supposed to be better…

A new option JSON_DELETE has been added to llJsonSetValue(), for deleting elements in JSON strings.

Also there is code for a more correct sort order of objects and texture loading during scene load. This is server side code that will support a viewer side change. 

Group Ban

Baker tells us he is finishing up and his code will go to internal testing, QA, this week. He has some existing stuff to rewrite (refactor) in the group signup. Plus there are some minor bugs he’ll be fixing while they are testing his code.

He is also integrating the latest viewer changes into his viewer code for group ban.

I expect another 3 or 4 weeks at the least before we see this arriving on the grid and viewer in a usuable form. But, code should get released to TPV Dev’s this week or so Baker thinks.

Region Crossing Bug

There is an odd parcel boundary problem that it crashing vehicles during region crossings. It seems vehicles time out on some parcel’s auto-return. With an avatar attached they cannot be returned. When the vehicle is eventually taken across a region boundary, the crossing fails.

Andrew, Simon, and Maestro Linden are all looking at fixing that problem.

Interest List

Andrew again thinks he is done with Interest List. Andrew is looking to make a comparison video, showing before Interest List and after. He’ll be using a prim heavy region to make the video. He says it is prims that stress out the render system. I am assuming he is thinking more in terms of region server, asset requests, and bandwidth consumption than he is the viewer’s render pipeline.


Simon Linden is looking at how render weights are calculated. That is apparently going to get some work. Check out Menu-Devlop->Show Info->Show render Info also in the same menu drop down Show Avatar Render Info.

Simon is working on it now and says it is like how it is calc’d will change. He has been collecting avatar data. It seems there is a rapid drop off in the number of avatars that have render weight above 250,000. He has seen a few avatars go over a million. The data will be used to set up some information for the viewer to display.

There is the possibility that this will lead to some new limits being imposed by the server. That could stop griefer lag tools from being effective or at least reduce their effectiveness.


There isn’t any big news on server side happenings. Andrew will be looking for something new to fix or improve once he is ‘done’ with Interest List stuff. We may hear a word about what is coming next in the Thursday server meeting.

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