ToS Meeting Today

Inara Pey has an article up about a meeting this Sunday to discuss the change in the Second Life/Linden Lab Terms of Service. That meeting is today, Sunday, at noon SL Time (PDT). See: ToS Changes: in-world meeting.

The meeting will be at: East, West, North Galleries Ampi-Theatre. Region: Georgiana 159/189/1800. This is a main land region from the looks of it.

I couldn’t figure out who is sponsoring the meeting. So, I went there to see what the deal is. On TP’ing in you get this note card:

To have an orderly conversation about the change in the Terms of Service (ToS) you should know that

1) the entire ToS for Intellectual property is displayed in the Amphitheater. The piece in pink is the really annoying part, especially the part I have underlined (the bottom paragraph)

2) a blue-ish internet screen set to a Harvard University article about “Moral Rights” is displayed click on the face of the object and the selected URL should appear you can scroll down on this, but it is difficult … in case you have problems  here is the URL:

3) a greenish internet screen is also provided with the Linden Lab SL ToS if you have problems with it here is the URL:

4)  IF YOU WISH TO “SPEAK” (use Nearby Chat) tell the moderator you wish to speak using IM

The moderator will keep a list:  Moderator is Ernie Farstrider

The moderator will ask that each person limit themselves to less than 5 minutes

5)  WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED “speaking”  end your chat with “///”  … Do not forget to do this!

6) The moderator will eject any and all persons who seem to be deliberately misbehaving

7)  At 12:05 the moderator will make some brief opening “remarks” and then give the floor to the first person (and then the next) on his speakers list.

8)   OUR GOAL:  to understand the situation, to agree on our interpretation, and to contemplate a next step, if necessary.


Thank you for your participation in this event.
Ernie Farstrider

So, this pretty much says it is not a Linden facilitated event. So, I’m expecting drama and hot air with little to offer in the way of solid results. But, I suppose that really depends on how well the meeting is moderated. Also, I’m a bit jaded.

An hour before the meeting some people were already teleporting in and taking seats.

If you’re interested in participating, I suggest you get there now. This appears to be a single region setup. That means they will be limited to 40 or so people.

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