Fixing Blender 2013-40

Second Life™ users have an interest in Blender. Since a new round of discussion is starting on regard to the Blender user interface, now is a good time for us to get involved. Of course we want to avoid coming across to the Blender community as total ignoramuses and losing credibility… if we have any. So…

Andrew Price has a video up discussing the important points of User Interface design. Whether you are going to make suggestions for Blender or the Second Life UI this is an import video to watch.

The survey he recommends you take is here: Blender User Interface Survey. This is a two-question survey. Please watch the video BEFORE taking the survey.

The follow on second half is not yet out.

2 thoughts on “Fixing Blender 2013-40

    • Blender is frustrating for people new to it. I have a hard time changing between Adobe stuff and Blender. Very annoying.

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