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No… not for the Second Life viewer. This is for your web browser. Using Google’s Chrome you may have run into pages that it does not offer to translate. This happens when the browser simply cannot figure out what language was used for the page.

Google Translate App's Button

Google Translate App’s Button

There are a couple of solutions to force Chrome to translate the page in such cases.

Try right clicking the page. Click on an empty part of the page or text. Avoid right clicking on pictures and links. After a right-click look in the popup menu for Translate to [language]. Your native language choice should be in the [ ]. Selecting that will cause the page translation.

Some times the option will be grayed out. When Chrome thinks the page is already in English this happens. If you see this problem then you need the next option. The free Google Translate App. It places a button on Chrome that allows you to trigger a translation. See the image.

The icon used with this app has changed over time. It may also change based on your language. So, don’t be surprised if my picture and your icon are different.

One thought on “Google’s Translate App

  1. Nalates wrote: “No… not for the Second Life viewer. ”

    Yet, there are built-in translators in most viewers (not mine !) and also as scripted devices, all of them using either Google or Bing (i.e. Micro$oft) “services”…

    I’d like to incite people, here, to *think* about how hard they want their prose to be directly fed into PRISM and similar privacy violating spying programs… Such translators allow just that !!!

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