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This is another of my articles on climate. If you are intellectually honest, regardless of which side of the debate you are on, this is a must read article linked to a just released video. You’ll either want to be able to refute the points made or understand them for your own use. Either way the information here will likely surprise you because the information in the 50:1 video first stipulates that everything the UN’s IPCC has claimed about climate change, global warming, AGW, whatever you call it today is true. It isn’t, but for the sake of this argument we’ll pretend it is.

Also, there is the matter of the UN’s creation of the term ‘Climate Deniers’ or deniers for short. There is no such person on the planet. When the UN cannot defeat the meat of an argument against the idea of main made climate change they make the ad hominem attack that those presenting the argument are just deniers that ignore all science and the fact that climate is changing. One really should look at who is denying what. But, again for this argument we’ll pretend that all the UN is saying is true.

Project 50 to 1 is a kick starter funded project that used IndieGoGo and direct PayPal donations. Lord Monckton and his foundation provided the initial basic math using the IPCC’s numbers. Those numbers can be found in his paper: Is CO2 mitigation cost-effective? If you are not into math, just watch the video. If you hope to refute the information, you need to deal with the math.

This video was made to support the fund raiser and set out the goals of the main video effort. The final 50:1 video is further down.

You may figure out that the cost of the video is more than just the direct cost of editing and distributing a video. Remember. They traveled to interview some pretty heavy hitters in the climate debate. They were scatter across the world. You can see the individual interviews on the 50 to 1 Project web site


The point of this article is to separate those that are dealing with science and those that are denying it and reveal the money and power grab the UN and politicians are making. Your future freedom and health as well as that of the impoverished 3rd world countries are at stake. Are you into group think or digging through the science?

Let me know if you can find and error in the math or the underlying logic of the information presented.

This video was released Sept 1, 2013. You are going to be seeing the information presented by those of us that believe AGW is a political hoax being run by the UN. Remember the Oil for Food multi-billion dollar scam they ran?

I believe  in climate change. What I don’t believe is that the UN or anyone else can stop climate change and that man made change is so small it just doesn’t matter, which is the point of the video.

For those that believe in AGW, this video presents a very difficult set of points to refute, if they can. When one watches the individual interviewers even more points are made knocking down the AGW claims.


Joanne Nova Interview  (43 min) – Skeptics have won the science, the world just doesn’t know it. – Climate change insurance is 50 times, or more, costly than the damages we may experience. – Joanne very much puts my position into worlds.

David Evans Interview (48 min) – How can we believe there is cooling when the new reports the ‘warmest’ years in last X years? – How ground temperature data adjustment is being made. – Hockey-stick – All climate warming predictions wrong.

Anthony Watts Interview (49 min)  – Created Surface Stations Project —  Key figure within the ‘Climategate’ scandal @ 25:30 time market.

Christopher Essex Interview (38 min) – Taken by Storm – The debate of what we know verses what we do not know. Cost benefit analysis needed. The need to a way for voters to deal with complex subtle issues. Are you a group-thinker?

Donna Laframboise Interview (54 min) –  Former journalist turned investigative author writing about the IPCC.

Marc Morano Interview (55 min) – Gives an insider’s look into the politics and collateral damage caused by clumsy political responses to fears about climate change.

Fred Singer Interview (34 min) – Atmospheric and space physicist and long time hero of the environmental movement.

Henry Ergas Interview (62 min) – A high profile Australian economist with a lot to say about carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes, and discovers some of the underlying reasons why politicians love carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes and why these ‘markets’ always seem to fail.

Total interview time: 6 hours and 23 minutes of video.

The one thing all interviewees have in common… they previously supported the idea of manmade climate warming, AGW = Anthropomorphic  Global Warming. Now they have moved to skeptics’ side because they could not find answers to support their questions of the causes of manmade warming.

That should provide anyone wanting to refute their positions an easy path to converting back to AGW supporters.

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An Aside

This Labor Day weekend was hot and muggy in SoCal. Temperatures in the 90’s (32C+) with humidity running 50 to 80%. If you calculate the Heat Index for 95F and 60% that gives you an experience of it being 113F (45C).

In the USA news stations now most often report the Heat Index (113F) for the day and compare it to the historical temperatures (95F) of days gone by then exclaim how records are being broken. I suspect a large number of people have not noticed the change in reporting.


4 thoughts on “50 to 1 Project #50to1

  1. What a great article. Thank you for publicizing this. Here’s what I posted on Facebook about it:

    The 50 to 1 Project demonstrates that that “it’s 50 times more expensive to try and STOP climate change than it is to ADAPT to climate change.” The video uses the IPCC’s own numbers as source material and kind of stuffs the results down the throats of the warmists. I believe it won’t be long before Anthropogenic Global Warming will be remembered as a fad, just like pet rocks and mood rings. Some countries (like Australia) will be embarrassed that they fell for the hype and didn’t check the science before implementing a useless carbon credits scheme. Those of us who have been paying attention will shake our heads in wonder at our gullible brethren. And of course our fellow citizens will know nothing about 50 to 1, because the mainstream media will simply stop reporting on global warming stories and start talking about the next Marxist scheme to take control of our lives. And Algore will be right in the middle of it. Here’s the website: http://topher.com.au/50-to-1-video-project/

    And here’s a great analysis of the website and how it came to be: http://blog.nalates.net/2013/09/03/50-to-1-project-50to1/

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      Joanne’s interview is well worth the time to watch. It explains why the MSM remains locked into AGW and is missing the fact that warmers have no answers, studies, or data to support the key point in their theory of man made warming.

  2. The vid shows why carbon credit and tax schemes are a really inefficient way of reducing carbon emissions. The money can be spent much more wisely on developing, and initially subsidising, new technologies to reduce carbon emissions, with the added bonus of job creation as well.

    • I agree. But, that moves the money and control away from politicians and their cronies. So, it is going to be a tough battle.

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