Second Life News 2013-36

Because of the Monday holiday in the USA, server roll outs are pushed back one day. The news on the server roll outs is a bit fuzzy as Simon Linden was not available at today’s user group meeting. Not has Maestro Linden made a Deploys post. But, Andrew Linden tells us the package on the RC channels this last week is to be rolling out to the main channel on Wednesday.

Server Scripting 2013-36

Server Scripting 2013-36

Andrew added a fix that is in that package fixing a grief mode where really big objects could push avatars out of a the region. Faux rotating kfm megaprims don’t knock people out of the sim anymore. Andrew specifically targeted those prims. 

Quoting Andrew, “The physics engine ‘resolve interpenetrating objects’ collision logic would kick in and push the avatars out of the very big objects. We had  some collision-bypass code there specifically for avatars, but it had been broken some time ago and I fixed it.

RC Updates

Andrew thinks the new package coming to the RC’s will be a maintenance package with Monty Linden stuff. This will be minor stuff probably related to HTTP protocol communications. There were no other updates that made it through QA that could be added in.

We may hear some more at Thursday’s Server Beta group meeting.

Bug Rumor

There is a report of scripts failing to register events or cue them while processing a loop. There is no JIRA as yet. I expect there will be one before day’s end.

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