Viewer Release Pipeline 2013-34

This is week 35, but the news is from last Friday.

With the viewer release pipeline there is a slow down. Viewer code changes are kept small to reduce the complexity of debugging. That seems to create a number of possible release candidates. With lots of release candidates one either has to release a new viewer each week or it takes some time to get candidates moved forward.

To speed things up some candidates are being merged together. Since only one candidate can move forward there are two staying behind that have been tested for a week. They will of course be merged with the candidate’s code that moved forward and their package tested for another week. But, if the candidate was really looking good, it might be possible to save some time by merging in a new code set that would otherwise have to wait and be a candidate of its own.

That has currently happened with the Snowstorm and CHUI candidates.

There are more Project Viewers coming. Project Viewers coming are; more Snowstorm, another Sunhine round, HTTP, Interest List, and a couple of unannounced ones. We should hear about one of the unannounced ones in two weeks. Could that be Advanced Experience Tools? Probably not.

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