Bits and Pieces 2013-34


By that name you might guess this is a region for furries. It is an RP area. The owners of the region write:

Furry Abyss was created to be a place in Second Life where furries feel welcome and can relax and enjoy the company of other furries and their friends. Whilst the place name does portray that the sim is for furries only, we do welcome all Second Life users to enjoy this place. We do however request that you respect others and their appearance.

Designed Chaos - Future Age Mesh Build for Furries

Designed Chaos – Future Age Mesh Build for Furries

I find that the really neat thing about the region is that it is mostly a mesh build. They rent apartments, as many RP games do. These are nice and all seem to have gorgeous views. It is an amazing park-like place appearing to be set in some future time.

The sky-box style build is impressive. At ground level they have a gorgeous forest which is also impressive. I never figured out how to get to ground level. Walking around and rock climbing I fell out of the sky-box area. I am assuming this place is not complete and building is in progress. But, several people have apparently rented apartments.

The detail is amazing. Mesh makes an incredible difference. Having ALM and Sun/Moon + Projectors enabled reveals some interesting lighting effects. I have noticed that the SL Viewer is generally producing low contrast rendering. With third party viewers there is generally more contrast in the rendered image by default. CtrlAltStudio and Firestorm viewers do. Nirans Viewer has the most control over the render, well has settings out where you can easily tweak them. Or… this may be my settings in the SL Viewer.

Region: Designed Chaos

This is up there in the realm of Insilico. You’ll have to decide which is done best.


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