Second Life News 2013-32

Maestro Linden is on vacation this and, I think, next week. Caleb Linden is posting the Deploys for the week of… forum post.

There will be no new software rolling out to the main grid. It is unclear whether there will be region restarts are not. We will likely know when regions start going down.

Blue Steel

This release candidate channel is going to get a new maintenance package. VWR-13228 is about: an object obtaining and retaining permissions indefinitely without avatar’s knowledge. BUG-3291 is the llListen in linked objects listening at root instead of the linked object’s local position “after re-rezzing the linkset.”

A change added in the package is regions should now block rezzing and entering during the final countdown time before a region shuts down. This should make for a better shut down.

And of course a few crash modes… exploits, have been fixed. That were… Oh Wait! They never tell us.

Magnum and LeTigre

These two channels will continue to run the SSA upgrade. Caleb tells there are no changes to the code. Leaves us wondering what’s up with that? I suppose we may hear tomorrow.

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  1. It should also be noted that a version of 3.6.2 is now available on the main SL download paste. It just has vivox updates though.

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