Le Tigre Regions List

KarenMichelle Lane posted a list of the Le Tigre regions in this week’s Deploys thread. You can find it here.

Le Tigre is the Release Candidate channel that has SSA enabled. If you’re in one of those regions and have an old viewer, you will be so gray…

If you find problems, see if they are reproducible. If so, file a JIRA. …ummmm… make sure you wait for the rollout to compete before looking for problems.

Also, the list of regions changes. Expect this one to slowly go out of date.

5 thoughts on “Le Tigre Regions List

  1. I will bounce around a few of them after they roll – and don’t forget the LeTigre sandboxes.

      • Oh, thanks – I never knew that. Probably is a good place to go and build uninterrupted then.

        Have been trying it out and so far everything seems to work well..

  2. Both locations where I have a home are Le Tigre regions. I’m considering logging on elsewhere and changing to default noob male before going home. I haven’t forgotten what happened to Le Tigre the last time LL rolled out some major code: every single ‘stitching type = none’ sculpt turned irreversibly into torii, including those worn. A rollback didn’t fix it, either; it was messed-up for good.

    Either that, or I won’t log on until any screaming has stopped 😉

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