Second Life News 2013-19 #3

Priorities… Work flow at the Lab changes based on what is important at the time. Baker Linden was working on the Group Ban features. That work is on hold as he works on bugs in display names, mute lists, and searches for names.

Server Beta 2013-19 Meeting

Server Beta 2013-19 Meeting

Seems there is a leading space problem in those features. So, at some point leading and trailing spaces will not be allowed in Display Names. The system is going to remove them. You can try to enter them but they system will strip them off when it saves the value. 


VoidPointer Linden has been working on changing Pathfinding to respect parcel boundaries. At some point there will be an option in the Create Character function to allow the creator to specify whether the character must remain within its starting parcel or not.

At to timing VoidPointer says, “I don’t know if testing will find flaws or when it will be out, but it’s as ready as I know how to make it currently.

The changing functions are: llCreateCharacter and llUpdateCharacter. This change shouldn’t break existing characters.

VoidPointer says the Navmesh has been redone to work better with parcel boundaries. A nice byproduct of that work is a region will no longer require a rebake of the Navmesh when parcel entry permissions change. That redoing Navmesh is also what took so long.

Main Channel Rollout

Maestro Linden says the main channel got the RC with the most changes. Included in that are the AO functions, new HTTP new MIME types, and the avatar orientation on teleport arrival fix.

Since that fix was not in the release notes, many have thought there was a new bug loose in Second Life. Nope. It was one getting fixed. Sometimes it is hard to know what is and is not a big.

Maestro also tells us that there is a viewer update in the pipeline which shows the heading of a parcel’s landing point.

RC Channels

All three RC channels are running the same package. This is the Experience Tools Preparation package. There are some bug fixes and crash solutions too. But in general we should not see any changes with this package.

The Experience Tools Team is not saying much. They want to wait until they have things working and mostly ready for release. The other Lindens that know anything are keeping quite, basically supporting their co-workers wishes.

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