Second Life Prims Not Rezzing

For some time we have had prims that don’t rez. Parts of a road or wall or something will be missing. If we right-click where they ‘should’ be, they snap into view. The problem is in the viewer. It is a years old problem, but generally rare. Recent Interest List changes have made it worse.

Andrew says there is a fix but the code is currently in very crashy viewer. After my day in Fantasy Fair I think the main, beta, and development viewers are all way crashy. I’m trying to chase down what’s up with that. I was having trouble staying on for more than 15 minutes at a time, which may be something on my side. Whatever, Andrew’s fix has not made it to the QA teams yet. They need to get the crashing fixed before it goes to them.

Andrew says the fix is in with the viewer code that has the viewer hinting for the server. This is the hinting that tells the server more about what the viewer needs and what’s in the viewer’s cache.

As it turns out the problem with the prims not rezzing comes from the viewer getting confused about what it has cached and can render and what it needs to wait to render. It has all it needs, but doesn’t realize it.

At best we won’t see the fix rollout for a couple of weeks. The viewer people are focused on getting SSA out. (Server Side Appearance – baking) Behind that is the Materials release. From our seats it is a coin toss for which is going to go through first; hinting and prim rez fix or Materials. Whichever, I expect it to be after SSA is rolled out.

There are some possible problems with SSA, think COF Corruption and unexpected surprises. If things go badly with SSA, that will delay the prim-rez-fix. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. And… things could go well.

7 thoughts on “Second Life Prims Not Rezzing

  1. Most recently ive had occasions where right clicking does nothing to bring the missing prims into being. Lrge sections of road just would not rez even if i tried to right click. All the Betas are crash, all the viewers for me on my iMac exhibit system freezing as soon as i log in regardless of the viewer settings. When i say system i mean my entire computer freezes while SL Viewer is trying to do stuff. It feels like All the Linden Spinning plates are slowing down and crashing off the poles.

  2. Once again its pretty sad that LL priorities are alwways to pump out new code and features over fixing annoying and high impact bugs on the grid like this newer bug and many long standing bugs like attachments on group notuces that has still to be resolved almost a year later or the recent massive delayed. I.M. system where you can send messages to someone online and they don’t get them until the next morning.

    So lets put out code like ssb and materials systems that assure the grid of more instability instead of fixing critical bugs that makes daily life in sl a major pain.

    • ‘Always to pump new code and features’ — every change or fix requires new code. The new features are not always the priority. In the last part the year for 2 or 3 years they have concentrated on fixes. The whole SSA thing is FIX for bake fail, a major complaint by users. CHUI is a fix for numerous complaints about chat… I could go on…

      ‘ALWAYS’ it ain’t.

  3. A trick to make missing items rezz is to take everything into wireframe and out again. Simply click Shift+Ctrl+R to go into wireframe, and then the same again to come back out – and the walls and floors will have rezzed (and thanks to Elrik Merlin for that tip!)

  4. Thanks I thought I was going nuts. Trying to find an answer for days. Glad its recognised and will be fixed eventually. Thanks for letting us all know.

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