Second Life News 2013-17 #4

Not much new news today. I think everyone is at the glorious Fantasy Fair. But, there are few things to be thinking about.

Network Lag

Users outside the US have seen some increased lag. There is no certainly as to where the problem is. If you are seeing high ping times read through Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection and file a JIRA with a TRACERT print out.

I can’t even get a sense of how large or small the problem may be. It is a technical glitch, so many people will not recognize what is happening.

There are a number of various threads on lag from overseas users. See: (chat delay outside US -FIXED-) Discussion: Why did a restart of secondlife fix this?

Script Hiccups

A few have noticed problems with scripts since the last rollout. Again I can’t get a sense of the scope of the problem. But there are things to watch for:

  • Scripts that decide they are no longer Mono. One has to open the script, check Mono and save it.
  • Some are finding their scripts slower. This tends to be subjective to all but a very few that have baseline test data on their scripts and can now see a measured change. If you have good data and see a problem, file a JIRA.
  • Some scripts will not run until they are opened and saved or a recompile is forced: Build->Scripts->Recompile.   Others are taking items like cats into inventory then they re-rez them. Depending on how a script is written, this can force a reset too.

Prim Fail

I suspect most of my readers know about prims failing to rez. What I did not know about is that it apparently can affect HUD’s too. When that happens it causes the HUD to fail at some point. So, if you suddenly see a HUD go wonky, detach it and reattach it.

You may see problems right after a teleport.

Avatars Out of Place

This is an odd thing I have not seen. Some people are reporting a number of avatars standing at 0,0,0 in a region. Other people see them in the right place. This is apparently a viewer updating issue. If you see this see if you can reproduce it. I suspect it has something to do with avatars rezzing behind you, out of your filed of view.

Roll Back?

I am hearing rumors that the Magnum channel was rolled back. I can’t find any hard information. People that pay attention to server version numbers say the Magnum channel regions are now running an older version. I don’t know. But, if you are seeing bugs in Magnum check the release notes version number against what you see in Help- About.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2013-17 #4

    • 🙂 Yes.

      More alarming to me is the current disconnect between users and Lindens in how the pain from problems are perceived. There seems to be a feeling of ‘we have to get this out and then fix it.’ That may be necessary considering the scope of changes being made and basic programming paradigm to keep changes in small chunks to allow efficient debugging. But, it is frustrating for users. I suspect a rollout timeline that we are unaware of.

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