Second Life News 2013-17 #2

There was no Deploys thread post this week. Maestro Linden was on vacation and not back. However, the server release notes did update.

Main Channel

This got what I’ll call the Animation Override package. That means the new animation overriding functions are now working grid wide. So, we will likely start to see some AO updates arriving.

Server-Scripting Meeting - Baker's Estate in Background

Server-Scripting Meeting – Baker’s Estate in Background

At the server meeting today the Lindens were hearing no screams. So, we can assume it went well.

There is a crash fix in this package too.

Blue Steel & Le Tigre

These channels got preparatory work for the coming Experience Permissions System. Wow!

They call the changes Experience Keys. Simon is not sure what he can or cannot say about the project. So, we didn’t get much info, may be Thursday at the Beta Server meeting. 

Magnum Channel

Is likely going to get a maintenance package. But, that has yet to be decided. So, it may be a project package.


The changes to the particle system rolled out to the servers some weeks ago. But, the features needed in the viewer have not made it through yet. I think SSA (Server Side Appearance baking) has the viewer channel backed up.

There is a lot of demand from users to get the particle features into the viewer to help with griefing. The new feature will allow a person to click on a particle and mute its emitter.

So we have SSA, Materials, Interest List Hinting, Particle Features, Materials, and who knows what else in the viewer cue.


The talk about the SSA rollout is whether it uses the recently added server feature to allow configuration changes without region restarts. As of yet we have not found a Linden that knows. Nyx would probably be the one to ask.

Inara has word from the TPV Meeting that SSA rollout is weeks away but, within the next 8 weeks and likely sooner but at least 2 weeks out. There is also speculation by Lindens that it might go direct to grid and bypass the RC channels.

Griefing Idea

It was proposed that banning an avatar would also block any objects emitting particles. That is a little trickier to implement than it sounds. But, people like the idea.

Region Crossings

These seem to have greatly improved whether walking or driving. They are fast and smooth.

If you are seeing a problem and can reproduce the problem, file a JIRA.


The Lindens are looking at mesh lag, which is mostly from download time issues. The HTTP protocol changes are being checked to see if the mesh streaming can be improved.


6 thoughts on “Second Life News 2013-17 #2

  1. About particles muting, the Cool VL Viewer implemented that ages ago… You can mute an avatar by chat, voice, sound, particles or everything (the latter being more meant for “real mutes” and including scripts dialogs, inventory offers, avatar rendering, etc…). It’s absolutely nothing difficult to implement and in fact, the current mute list already got all the necessary bits for those mutes; the latter were simply never fully implemented in LL’s viewers…

  2. There’s a Experience Keys Project viewer available for download on the Second Life Wiki under Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers


    I tried it out, and only difference I can spot between it and the Normal viewer is there’s an option “Experiences Ctrl+E” under the ‘File’ drop down menu.

    And pops open a window which it appears a list would be, however it is empty for now.

    Looks like if you are on a sim with experiences created (unfortunately i don’t know of any), my guess is that list could be populated with a set of pre-defined options, such as permissions, rlv related bits, lighting control, or whatever else, and just choose the appropriate one you want to experience, that or possibly maybe avatar/camera control, choosign one will teleport you or move your avatar alogn a pre-defined route to experience some attraction or sight.. but who knows..

    well, at least there’s a viewer out with support, now just need to find a bluesteel server with an experience. know of any Linden Bluesteel Servers? Already tried the bluesteel sandboxes, nothing.

      • Looks like LL pulled the experience viewer download from the wiki.. wonder if this means the project is scrapped or delayed even more.

        • I don’t see anything that makes it look like that package was pulled. At the Server Beta meeting Simon and Voidpointer Linden said it had rolled out. The Grid Status page does not show a roll back.

          OOPS!!! You said viewer… Yeah, the Experience Viewer seems to come and go.

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