Mesh Deformer in Action

There is a new video on YouTube showing the Mesh Deformer in action. 6 minutes. Notice that Enhanced Avatar Physics are enabled. That apparently surprised some of the people commenting in an SL forum thread.

Check out the Forum thread: MESH DEFORMER PROJECT NEEDS YOUR VOICE. WhiteRabbit0 posted.

While I understand the frustration, there is so much wrong with that post I’m not sure where to start.

I’ll go with the recommendation to post in the JIRA for a starter… no don’t. Don’t add any more to the JIRA unless it is a bug or problem. Using the JIRA as a forum is why the JIRA got locked down. If we are ever to get it unlocked, we are going to have to use it as the Lindens intended.

The Lindens and Oz in particular are not happy with the amount of off topic, non-bug reporting discussion, in the thread. If you want to make a statement and show support, post in the Forum.

The idea that the Lab is refusing to assign people to the project is a matter of syntax and a bit of spin. The Lab has limited resources and other problems have higher priority. So, I believe Oz thinks he will eventually get personnel assigned to an Avatar Improvement Project. But a much larger number of SL users want other things, like region crossings and avatar bake fail fixed. So, it is a matter more complicated than what WhiteRabbit0 portrays as refusal.

WhiteRabbit also fails to mention that the community has expressed its opinion on what it wants, the Deformer, better weighting, access to morphing, better avatar topology, custom skeletons, more bones in the existing skeleton, access to more of the existing bones for animation, and flat out a new avatar. All those requests have created a project that the Lindens apparently plan to address. But, it is no longer something a few people can handle, plus management is involved.

Codewarrior Congrejo has posted a great summary and assessment of the project and its status. The Post. If you don’t read all the posts, at least take time to read White Rabbit’s opening post and Codewarrior’s.

But, let the Lindens know you are still interested. I suggest you do that by posting in WhiteRabbit’s thread. The link is above.

5 thoughts on “Mesh Deformer in Action

  1. We may not see a Deformer this year. If we do I suspect it will fall short of what everyone (including the Lindens) would like.
    The better answer is a complete remake of the avatar. That is long overdue and the Lab is well aware of it. Given the way LL is scheduling projects I doubt we will see anything official until the end of the year when they announce the projects for next year. I, for one, would rather see them wait and do it right than have a piecemeal approach to what is an integrated avatar set of issues.

    • OH NO!!! You are one OF THEM!!! (Teasing).

      You may be right. I hope not. I would like to see something this year.

      I understand your desire for a better avatar. I think that desire has been expressed by enough SL users that the Lab has taken the position they need to consider that. The Lindens are not all of the same mind on the subject. Several see no way to change out the avatar without making it massively complicated, something they want to avoid.

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  3. That vid was quite impressive – I do hope we get to see the deforrmer being adopted soon, as so many are holding off buying or designing for mesh until it does.

    • It would be nice. As I wrote elsewhere, it is excellent for my use. So, I want it now. But, there are still problems and questions. Plus it does not work for all uses. There are some problems that it will create in the area of user to user communications, which base avatar model?

      There are many that are holding off buying mesh clothes. I am one. But, there seems no shortage of people making them. But, I suppose some are putting it off. I am using the time to learn more.

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