New AO Stuff 2013-14

The new server side of the New Animation Overrider functions is scheduled to roll out to the Blue Steel and Le Tigre Release Wednesday. The only viewer that has added the AO functions, AFAIK, is Niran’s Beta 2.1.6 (2600).

The functions will only work if you are in a Blue Steel or Le Tigre channel region.

As far as I know Niran’s viewer does not have a built in AO. He only added the functions to the script editor. So, you get syntax highlighting. But, you can use the viewer to write test scripts. You just have to be in a Blue Steel or Le Tigre region.

4 thoughts on “New AO Stuff 2013-14

  1. I’ve been experimenting with these new functions and they are very interesting.

    It appears that as long as you compile the code in a Blue Steel or Le Tigre region, the script will run in any region provided the 3 new functions aren’t referenced whilst outside of a Blue Steel or Le Tigre region. (otherwise you get a mountain of Script errors!)

    Further to this, you can setup your AO settings in an appropriate region, then TP into a any region and your AO animation settings persist, even when it is not a Blue Steel or Le Tigre Region.

    It’s also worth pointing out that I have been experimenting with and compiling scripts with no problems in the current main release of Firestorm and although it has no Syntax Highlighting it compiles through the viewer correctly.

  2. The Cool VL Viewer releases published on 2013-03-29 got full support for the new LSL functions and constants (including the permission dialog for PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS and the inclusion of the latter permission to the set of permissions affected by RLV’s @acceptpermission).

    The Cool VL Viewer is always kept in close sync with the new LSL functions and constants released on the main SL grid.

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