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If you have not yet seen this video, check it out. This is about how people are using Second Life™ and World of WarCraft™ virtual worlds. The video runs 1:27 hour:minutes. This is primarily in German. But, most of the people are speaking in English and the video provides German subtitles. Unfortunately the German, Japanese, and other language parts do not have English subtitles.

I’ve placed a trailer first. It is all English. It runs 2:31 minutes.

There are apparently some legal issues with the display of the main Login 2 Life video on YouTube. I didn’t understand what that was about, other than I am NOT supposed to say who tipped me off to the video. But… thanks for the tip.

YouTube has a load of Login 2 Life videos; just do a search at YouTube. I think the short interview with the director is interesting. It runs 1:44 minutes. It is German with English subtitles.

And… here is the main video: Login 2 Life.

As best I can tell the video was released November 15th, 2012. The Austrian TV Channel ORF.at broadcast the show. They say that Login 2 Life will be distributed in USA and Canada by Icarus Films!

The video shows Second Life in a way that Linden Lab has never been able to portray it to me. I have never seen the way disabled people are using SL. This video does an awesome job of portraying how SL can be used.

I think the important thing for any SL resident watching the video to take away is Virtual Ability Island and the communities supporting the disabled in Second Life.

I have no doubt many will watch this and see only what their biases and prejudices allow them. But, this presents virtual worlds in ways that will influence the open minded.

There is a thread about Login 2 Life in the SL Forum. It started in mid November 2012. Most of the conversation has been in the German section of the forum, which makes sense as it is a German video.

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