Second Life DNS Login Problems – Help!

For some time we have known that some people have been having problems logging into Second Life. The error messages when dug out of the log show DNS problems. Now Monty Linden is looking at the problem. He has posted requesting help in the SL Forum. So, help out folks.

First some explanation: DNS stands for Domain Name System. This is an arrangement of servers across the world that turn ‘domain’ names, like, into IP Addresses. Just like phone books allow you to look up a name and get a phone number. With the number you can make a call. It is the same with computers. They need that IP Address to make a connection.

Generally your ISP provides you the address of a DNS server. From that server you get all other addresses.

Mac users have had an especially hard time with the problem.

For months the standard fix has been to change the DNS servers your computer uses. Google provides public DNS servers. You can learn about them and how to use them at: Google Public DNS. They are faster than many servers that ISP’s provide.

When helping people in answers I advise them to keep their ISP’s DNS server in the list of DNS servers their computer uses. It can avoid problems when ISP’s include special information in the lookup information for their customers.

Not Working

Apparently for some number of people the DNS change is not solving the problem. So, now Monty Linden is looking for the problem. You can read his request for help in the SL Forums: DNS problems at login – a request for information.

If you are running into the problem or know someone that is, get them this information or a link to it.

WARNING: There is some reliable information that OpenDNS provides some software for use with OpenDNS that fit the definition of malware. I suspect it is more along the line of ad-ware. You can safely use OpenDNS if you do a manual setup and avoid their software.

4 thoughts on “Second Life DNS Login Problems – Help!

  1. In mid 2011, I posted several very different jira issues. Later, after configuring DNS to the Opendns numbers, I condensed the issues down to one: this very DNS issue. That one thing was connected to so much breakage. Here’s what it looks like:

    The latest version which did not require specific DNS settings I installed was:
    Second Life 2.6.2 (225998) Apr 8 2011 02:44:54 (Second Life Release)

    It is depressing that this is still a problem in Second Life.

    • I think the problem is it affects very few people. I suspect for the Lab that has made it a low priority. Monty Linden is completing his HTTP part of the Shining Project. So, it may just be that he has time to look at it now. Or it may be affecting more people. I’m not sure.

  2. Ever since V3 has been released (and that includes Firestorm and Singularity), I cannot login to Secondlife. I’ve been forced to use V2, which is about to be moth-balled because of the new server-side texture baking, and I’m paying $75.00 usd each month for this. DNS Fail was described as the problem, but I want to say here that in my case (I use a mac), DNS “Failure to Connect” is NOT reported by the viewer. Instead, my login process simply cannot complete… it just sits there, saying “Logging in to Second Life” and goes nowhere. Sometimes after a really long time, it gets to “requesting region capabilities” in the login process, and I actually do get logged in… BUT…. I have an empty friends list, no inventory, and I can’t IM. The Firestorm wiki reports this issue as being a DNS Fail issue, which is why I’m here. The Google public DNS server IPs do NOT work at all. At this time, I see no advancement on the issue. What on earth should I do? I’m so depressed.

    • The best help is on the SL Forum. I suggest you first look at: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection. The problem you describe is a connection problem. On a Mac it is a high probability it is a DNS issue.

      If you cannot ping the Google DNS addresses or get a TRACERT to them, your ISP is blocking them. If you are using a collage network, that can be the problem. Some countries require you use the government DNS so they can censor news. Tell us about your ISP, where you are located in general terms (like MIT campus), what the results of your Speed Test are, brand and model of router, cable/DSL modem, firewall…

      In the forum post with all your tech info. Post a link to your posting here. Someone in the forum will be able to help you. I may have more of an idea what the problem is once I see the tech details.

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