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Ciaran Laval has a good update on Dio™. Ciaran has several links to examples of different uses for Dio. One is a Sherlock Homes story. Ciaran also links to the YouTube Tutorials page for Dio. You will need that link because searching on Dio at YouTube is a bit of problem, it goes Spanish.

I suggest rather than just using Dio, Spanish for gave, in a YouTube title, use Searching for Dio Tutorials give 110,000 results today and none of them pertinent.

There are 6 tutorials in the set. They run 2 to 3 minutes and burn up about 15 minutes. But, they give you a great insight into how Dio works and what you can do with it.

I’m playing with it. I find I am doing much better after having watched the tutorials.

Dio does go down for maintenance and upgrades and it disconnects you from time to time. That is Beta. So, don’t be too surprised if you get a disconnect message.

Also, I am finding the site is slow, whether editing or using it. I rechecked my connection today to see if it was me or them. It’s them, IMO. So, be patient.

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  1. Dio looks to me a bit as if it is the outcome of LLs acquire of ‘Game Studio LittleTextPeople’ of last February.

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