Second Life Crashing SkyDrive Problem

Crashing when uploading textures and several other assets is caused by having Microsoft’s SkyDrive and similar software installed. There is a possible fix for SkyDrive. I assume a similar fix for other cloud drives would work.

Windows Registry - Skydrive

Windows Registry – Skydrive

I first saw MartinRJ Fayray describe the fix in the SL Forum. The fix requires editing the Windows Registry. If you are not familiar with editing the registry and the associated problems, avoid these steps until after you have read up on registry edits and have decided you are up to it. 

A mistake can render the computer unusable.

1) Start regedit (start -> run -> type “regedit” -> hit enter)
2) Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE\ Wow6432Node \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \explorer \ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers
3) In the left panel you should see 3 SkyDrive keys (1, 2 and 3) as shown above.
4) Delete all 3 of them
5) Reboot
6) Enjoy both Skydrive and Second Life working at the same time

The Lab is working on a fix. We should see a fix in the viewer after 3.4.3 (2686262). But, don’t bet on it. This is a complex problem in the core use of Windows memory.

It appears that OS design people and the compiler developers at Microsoft are the ones that need to fix the problem. The SL developers are trying to find a work-around and have been since mid to late 2012.

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