Second Life Problems

Today, Tuesday, some time after the restarts people started to see problems. There was no software rollout today, just a restart.

There is very high packet loss of everyone. Which is an indication it is on the Lab’s end of the network. Even Lindens were seeing the packet loss. While some of them work from home or remote offices, some work at the Lab. That is even more indication that it is not an ISP or remote problem.

About 1 PM PT/SLT this notice appeared on the Gird Status page:

[Updated 1:14pm PST, 8 December 2013] We are also currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance to our homepage and related services, such as Marketplace and Live Chat. Some residents may be unable to connect or experience delays connecting to our website or any of these services during this time.  Please watch this blog for further details as we have them.

[Posted 12:52pm PST, 8 December 2013] We are aware that some regions may be experiencing performance issues and slow response times. This may also cause some residents to be unable to access some regions. Our engineers are working to correct this issue as quickly as possible. Please monitor this blog for additional updates.

You can see if you are getting bit by opening your Viewer Statistics panel (Ctrl-Shift-1). Look for Packet Loss. Mine was bouncing between 0 and 75%. Obviously that is going to cause a sluggish viewer and things are not going to work well. Chat log and groups are wacky too.

I suggest avoiding doing money transactions or rezzing No Copy items.

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  1. I believe there was an update to the main channel today, It got the code that was in the RC channels over Christmas.

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