#SL News Week 51

Today I made it to the Open Source meeting, something I seldom do as it is too early for me, 7:00 AM. A few interesting things came up.

Phoenix Viewer

Oz was asking how the community was talking the ending of Phoenix support and the end of the Phoenix Viewer’s useful life. From my perspective, it has been surprisingly quite.

Jessica has posted the links to the video recording of the Phoenix Office Hour and other links mentioned in the meeting. See: Ending support for the Phoenix Viewer. They have included a link to the written ‘speech’ that Jessica read from in the meeting. Since posting only 11 comments have been posted as I write this.

  1. Good… about time V1 was ended
  2. Doesn’t like FS IM’s and won’t change – obviously wasn’t at the meeting
  3. Misses Emerald now going to miss Phoenix
  4. Response to #2 telling them how to fix the problem.
  5. Changing to Singularity for a low lag viewer that will be supported.
  6. FS doesn’t work well and giving up SL rather than buy a super computer.
  7. Thank you team
  8. Wonders why the viewer is not more modular.
  9. Another response to #2. If such a trivial thing turns you off, here’s the list of TPV’s.
  10. FS Dev Team posting the lack of modularity is a problem for the team too.
  11. Reply to #9 – that is already done in the development version.


Not a flame war there or in the YouTube comments. No great flame war seems to have broken out on SLUniverse. I wonder at this point if when the Phoenix Viewer and any other viewers not updated to use the new avatar baking service stop working the flamers will be surprised… and combust at that point?

There is some whining in the Phoenix-Firestorm Support group. I have not seen many rage quits, but, I’m not watching that close. A few are getting help making the change over to Firestorm in Phoenix mode.

If you are having a problem with Firestorm in Phoenix mode or cannot find something, ask in the support group. Most everything that is in Phoenix is in Firestorm and it all works… except for some Mac problems, which are being worked on.


The Singularity Viewer is getting many of the Phoenix users that prefer not to move away from the V1 interface. I like Singularity, but I am much more into the V3 user interface. So, I seldom use it or update it any more.

I do expect it will be updated to use the new avatar baking service.

Cool VL Viewer

This is another V1 interface viewer that some Phoenix users will switch too. This too is a well made viewer and I expect it will be upgraded to use the new avatar baking service.

Avatar Baking Service

The details are in the SL Wiki: Project Sunshine-Server Side Appearance. You can get a Project Viewer and the names of regions in ADITI that are running the new code.

I understand CTRL+ALT+R does not work in the new system. The ability for the user to trigger a rebake will get added back at some point.

If you try it out report bugs in: SUN. Oz Linden said, “Notifications don’t always work correctly on non-public projects, and SUN is not completely public – it’s intended for developers and the testers that are helping them, not the general user base.

Nyx Linden added, “The sunshine project jira is visible to our active contributors list. If you know of developers who need access, please let us know, we’re trying to keep the testing feedback fairly tight.

If you want to know how it works and the wiki page doesn’t do it for you, see: Server Side Avatar Baking from back in September.

SL Viewer

There is a new mandatory update for the SL Development Viewer today, or at least I just ran into it. Version Second Life 3.4.3 (268139) Dec 13 2012. I am expecting another update before the end of day. We’ll have to wait to see if that happens.

2 thoughts on “#SL News Week 51

  1. re. Phoenix: It is hard to overstate the ignorance I have seen on this. People just don’t know, and really don’t want to be informed. Many Phoenix users are simply in denial, they will be the ones crying loudest when it eventually fails to work. They can’t still be running Windows ME —- can they??? Sooner or later everything needs to be upgraded, even your computer.

  2. re: Steam. I believe that LL have put off listing on Steam until Q2 2013 because of developments either at LL or Valve planned for that time.

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