#SL News Week 51

User Groups

The Wiki’s user group’s page was getting out of date. I think Maestro Linden poked someone to update the page. It now has the latest information on User Groups.

It only lists the ‘official’ user groups facilitated by the Lindens. There are other user groups created by the user community. As far as I know there is no single place where they are all listed. The CCIIUG meets Tuesdays, some times.

Some user groups are not meeting this week. All user group meetings for the week of 25th are canceled.

Mesh Deformer

We probably won’t hear much about this project for a time. It isn’t forgotten but test clothes are slow coming in. There have been some submitted, but only a very few. The result is testing the deformer is a low priority for the Lab. As yet, OZ says there is no testing plan. I suspect that means they feel they do not have enough information to even put together a plan.

We need more testing clothes.

SL Avatar

We have several different JIRA’s pending on the SL Avatar. Oz Linden says the Lab will be taking a look at the avatar during the first half of 2013. From new ‘perspectives’, whatever that means. Oz was not willing to elaborate.

I am guessing we may see some improvement in the avatar mesh and weighting, but only minor improvements. I think it much more likely we will see improved animation, and extended or custom armatures/skeletons. If the last item does turn out to include custom skeletons, we would essentially have Avatar 2.0.

Materials System

OZ isn’t saying much about the project. Since it is being done by a third party he wants to avoid putting pressure on. So, while there is not currently a project viewer available Oz says the project is coming together well.

So… I expect to see a project viewer in the first quarter of 2013. We can hope. At this rate we may see Materials ahead of the Mesh Deformer.


No news on Steam and Second Life. Oz Linden had not heard about Steam making a gaming machine. That doesn’t mean some wheels at the Lab didn’t know. But, I think it more likely the Lab did not know it was coming. See: Steam Gaming Machine.

JIRA Change

There is no new news on this subject. From the Linden side all they will say is it certainly is less noisy.


There won’t be much news over the holidays. We’ll start to see user group meetings starting up about the 3rd of January. The week after we’ll start to see server updates rolling out again. The roll tomorrow, if it happens, will be the last main channel one for a couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “#SL News Week 51

  1. re. Phoenix: It is hard to overstate the ignorance I have seen on this. People just don’t know, and really don’t want to be informed. Many Phoenix users are simply in denial, they will be the ones crying loudest when it eventually fails to work. They can’t still be running Windows ME —- can they??? Sooner or later everything needs to be upgraded, even your computer.

  2. re: Steam. I believe that LL have put off listing on Steam until Q2 2013 because of developments either at LL or Valve planned for that time.

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