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If you are an nVidia owner and have used the nVidia forum, you know they closed it to upgrade it. It like many forums was being overrun by spammers. The forum has been down for weeks. Now it is open, as of November 1 or 12, depending on who you read.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – From Tom’s Hardware Review

The forum has been rearranged. CUDA developers now have their own forum. If you don’t know, CUDA is more for math geeks than gamer geeks. So, apparently they haven’t played well together.


nVidia has another beta version of the video driver out: 310.54. They say this driver is a must have if you play Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Driver 306.97 is still the preferred stable driver (WHQL). I’ve been running on 310.33 for a couple of weeks. It seems to be fine with my GTX560 and Second Life™. I am having problems with Chrome and Adobe products. It is hard to tell whether it is nVidia or Adobe that is responsible.

If you are interested in what graphics quality is available now take a look at Tom’s Hardware Review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Tom’s says it is ‘looks’ like the developers are after compatibility and willing to cut graphics quality. Still it looks pretty good.

Other Graphics Problems

Chrome started acting up on YouTube today. Depending on which size you attempt to watch a video at, the image shreds. Changing to a smaller size always seems to fix it.

Backyard Monsters has just under gone a huge revision. I have problems with it in Chrome and Firefox. It works pretty well in IE9. It think this is mostly due to the Adobe drivers the browsers need.

I am still seeing some artifacts in Vista 32 display. Desktop icon highlighting is still flaky. Dragging to change windows sizes often produces some odd results during the drag. Outlook as trouble with some images in emails…

I keep hoping all this gets fixed. I plan to install the 310.54 to see if it helps.

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  1. I think the problems you experience with YouTube has more to do with the Flash player. I have experienced problems as well with Firefox and Adobe has released a number of updates lately.

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