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Lance has a new release of the Dolphin 3 Viewer out. There is nothing Earth shattering in this release. More fixes and some new minor additions.

There are a couple of known bugs. One has to do with a Texture Refresh crashing the viewer. There is a fix for that and he plans to have it in the next release.

Another has to do with child prims that have Hover Text and scripted movement. That is not working as intended. There is a fix for that too, which he will be adding, hopefully by the next release.

Both of these are minor and you would probably never notice the problems.

As of November 13 Dolphin 3 will no longer support openSUSE 11.4. If you use openSUSE you will need to upgrade to 12.x. If I understand correctly Dolphin 3 will still run  on 11.4. But, you won’t be able to use RPM updates. You will have to get the Dolphin files and install them yourself.

Download & Install

This time the download was a bit slow, taking 5 minutes for 28mb.

The install is the standard quick and easy install. No problems. It remembers your previous settings.


There are new features coming into Dolphin 3. For instance most of the Pathfinding Tools are included. Rendering the Navmesh is dependent on having a Havok Sublicense from Linden Lab. Lance’s is in progress. So, you still cannot see the Navmesh in Dolphin 3, but soon.

Because Navmesh rendering is going to be included, the viewer cannot support other grids. The grid manager has been removed and I assume so to the commend line options that allowed use on other grids.

The viewer has RLV There is a poll on the web site asking which version of RLV people like. If you have a preference, bounce over and vote. I don’t use RLV. And it appears about 40% of Dolphin users don’t. About 10% don’t know what RLV is. So, that leaves it up the remaining 50% of Dolphin users to decide.

After an hour or so of use I had not seen any problems. I went shopping and things were rezzing quickly. I found with Sun/moon off I was getting from 15 to 40 FPS, depending on where I was.

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