Second Life World Map Borked

You may or may not have noticed that the world map has some problems. Depending on what region you search for it may or may not show up and may not show a map tile (image). 

Missing Map Strips

The image shows Sunny Point failing to rez an image of the region. If you jump out of the viewer and try to find the region in, you will find it does not come up at all.

Missing Sunny Point Map Tile

You can also find that there are huge areas of the main land that have no map tiles. There are ‘strips’ of regions that don’t map. Search for Fermat to see the one show here.

Missing from Web Maps?

Mapping Service

The Lab has a backend service that processes regions and collects images of the regions. I think the view shown in the image is from about 300 or 400 meters up. The system then processes the images into something like 3 or 4 zoom out level images.

Missing Zindra Regions – Depends on Zoom Level

It is this service that is having a problem. The Lindens are looking into it. If you have a region that has not mapped for a couple of weeks or more, attend the next Sever/Scripting meeting next Tuesday. See the Second Life User Group Meeting Times.

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