Bad News on Bandwidth

Just after I got my article out on Bandwidth and  SVC-8124 I heard that there will be no promotions from the release channels to the main channel. This means the fix for SVC-8124 will NOT roll to the main channel next week.

There is a problem with permissions. See: SVC-8177 – There is different behavior between the RC channels and the main channel involving permissions, objects loose modify permissions. This is going to prevent any roll to the main channel.

The Bandwidth problem will continue for another week. I’ll have to see how they handle the fixes to the release channels next week to know how this is going to work. But… the Lindens tried several fixes, I think for 8177,  and they failed. I think the result is they are rolling back the release channels to unwind the 8177 fixes and get a main channel version with a 8124 fix running on the main trunk code. With any luck they can get the 8124 code in and they will make it through the RC QA.

5 thoughts on “Bad News on Bandwidth

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  2. Based on my experience in Brocade the fix in the RC, at least LeTigre, worked to fix the problem in the SW (0,0) corner of the region. I hope they do not roll LeTigre back.

    • They sort of will roll it back but, the 8124 fix is going to get added to the main release code. So, we will still have the fix, at least if I understood correctly that is what will happen.

  3. Nalates- for those of us not technically minded what is the 8124 fix? Does this mean they’re rolling back to before the problem started? And if so do we know when?

    • The 8124 is the JIRA number for a problem contributing to the bandwidth problem. It is not clear exactly what went wrong so I can’t say what they changed to make the fix. But, one of next weeks RC rolls should be to the current server code running on the main grid and JUST the 8124 fix, as that will have the best chance of succeeding. The change/roll back will only happen on the RC channels.

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