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Inara Pey has a couple of interesting articles up on her blog Living in the Modem World.

A Torley Tutorial

Inara found a new Torley Linden video tutorial. I think it is exciting that Torley is making tutorials again.


If you have not seen Torley making music, check out his other new video. This one is long, 40 minutes. You get to see the RL Torley. In this video is more into playing with a new toy than making music. But, the guy is talented.


Age Verification

Another article is on the changes to Second Life’s Age Verification. The article explains the changes and where they show up. The process is basically gone, in terms of having to do anything to age verify. The birth year requested in registration is apparently all that is left of the process.

There are some viewer changes that were influenced by the change. Inara shows those.

For our daily use of Second Life these changes will be unnoticeable to most of us. It is however interesting, IMO, to see the sign up process simplified. I am guessing this is part of a continuing effort to improve the signup process.

New Ad Art

The art on the Second Life home page has definitely improved. Another Strawberry Singh promotional piece has turned up on the home page.

New Promo Ad using Strawberry Singh Photo


These are all interesting changes, at least to me. I am happy to see Torley making videos again. His bubbly personality is a part of SL. Friendly thanks Torley.

I think these things give some indication the Lab is still working to solve signup and retention problems.


2 thoughts on “#SL Interesting

  1. Heh! I was going to post on the new log-in artwork myself, but got sidetracked by Tour de France & a Twitter discussion! May do so later after I’ve checked something out :).

    Thanks for the references!

    • There are so many things going on that are fun and interesting… which to do first. Thanks for your coverage.

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