New Content Creation Group

Geenz Spad from the Exodus Dev Team is chairing a new user group. Oz Linden will be the liaison between the group and Linden Lab. He may be at some of the meetings. But, since 3PM SLT is 5PM EDT it is late for him and after hours.

You can find the groups home page in the SL Wiki: Content Creation Improvement Informal User Group.

Meetings will be in-world in the Hippotropolis Auditorium, Tuesdays from 3 to 4 PM SLT/PT.

The stated point of the meeting is to find ways to improve rigged mesh and other content. A secondary emphasis is how to improve the viewer to help with content creation.

The first meeting will be a good one to attend.

PS: Squirrely Wrath is accepting donations of nuts… only the food kind. No wackadooles.


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