Interestingly Odd

I started up the latest Pathfinding viewer: Second Life 3.3.3 (260669) Jun 26 2012 18:41:51 (Project Viewer – Pathfinding). In it I found this:


OSGrid? Is this a grid manager? Click to Enlarge

OSGrid? Are we going to get a grid manager in the Linden Viewer? Is this a slip leaving some testing code got in this version?

We can speculate endlessly.

7 thoughts on “Interestingly Odd

  1. I doubt that the official viewer will ever have a feature allowing it to be used with other grids, other than by oversight. Wouldn’t that violate the terms of their Havok physics license? Isn’t that why some TPVs are developing two viewer branches now?

      • I’ve just had another thought: What happens if LL ever resurrect their hypergrid project? By visiting a grid other than SL, from SL, SL’s viewer would also be violating the Havok physics license, even without that grid manager having OSgrid and the like on it.

        • Inara Plurked me that a new release of the Project viewer is out and that apparent slip has been removed.

          However, it is possible to write code such that the Havok will not run unless connected to the SL grid. Testing that kind of code may be where the slip came from. Because, many of us use the LL SL Viewer in OpenSim grids, they probably already have a licencing problem. This may be an indication they are working to handle it.

  2. I vaguely recall seeing this a while back, at least in so far as the viewer would remember the last region visited. If that happened to be an OpenSim region, that is what would be listed.

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