#SL Lab’s Viewers Update Week 21

Standard Viewers

Today there is a new release if the Lab’s Development viewer: 3.3.3 (257716). This is a big jump from 3.3.3 (255954).

The Beta viewer version is: 3.3.2 (2557442).

The main viewer is: 3.3.1 (254524).

Mesh Deformer Testing

You can get the latest Mesh Deformer Project Viewer, version: 3.3.1 (255595). There are a number of mesh items to test in Hippo Hollow.


You can get the latest Pathfinding Project Viewer, version: 3.3.2 (256513). There are Pathfinding test regions in ADITI and AGNI. The server code is cutting edge and updated sometimes several times per day in ADITI. The Main Grid AGNI regions can run several days behind.

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