#SL Pathfinding Moves Beta to AGNI

Today we found out the Lindens are moving the Pathfinding server code to the main grid. It will only be running on selected sandbox regions and in the Premium sandboxes. Pathfinding is still in Open Beta. Changes are coming quickly. If I understood correctly, the newest server code will appear on ADITI.  A slightly older version will be running in AGNI sandboxes.

Oskar Linden has opened the Alpha Pathfinding as Beta Pathfinding and placed the code in AGNI sandboxes. You can get more details here: Pathfinding Public Beta.

Sandbox SLURL’s

  1. Snack Sandbox 1
  2. Snack Sandbox 2
  3. Snack Sandbox 3
  4. Snack Sandbox 4
  5. Limia
  6. Arowana
  7. Sandbox Astutula
  8. Sandbox Exemplar
  9. Sandbox Pristina
  10. Sandbox Verenda
  11. Fuchsia
  12. Pepin
  13. Lime
  14. Plum
  15. Harvey

You need a Pathfinding Viewer to take full advantage of Pathfinding. See #SL Pathfinding Tools in Beta for information on the tools available for Pathfinding.

There is a bleeding edge version that one can get here: Bleeding Edge Pathfinding Viewer. This link may not get you to a working build, there may not be a download link. If not, start working your way through PREVIOUS Builds. What has happened is when a build fails, the build info goes into the system and you will see it as a ‘latest’ build page without a download link. A change will be made and another build is attempted. So, there can be several iterations before a good build makes it out. You are behind the curtain here, so expect some strangeness. Stay away if you’re not carrying a geek’s ID card.

You can get the published Pathfinding Project Viewer here: Second Life Project Viewers. This version is considered more stable. On some days both links will take you to the same viewer version.


Maestro Linden says they redid Pathfinding collisions Wednesday. That code is on ADITI, but not AGNI. This is an aspect of Pathfinding that needs testing. So, it you are into helping test the feature, focus on collisions.

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